India Association of Phoenix

Youth Committe Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

 Youth Committee is a wing under the IA Board and not an independent entity by itself. YC members are to be under the guidance of one of the Board members, the Youth Director. YC is not autonomous and functions only under the guidance of India Association board. YC is the ground for grooming our future leaders. They need to conduct themselves with dignity and be respectful to all. At all occasions members of YC are to remember and uphold the values of IA and the culture and heritage we represent.
1) Any child between the ages of 12 to 18, interested in the Indian heritage and  involved in promoting the culture of India is welcome to become a member of IAYC
2) It is a requirement for parents of interested children to be members of IA as an annual, life member or a patron of IA, and should have paid the required membership dues for the same.
3) Children joining YC are required to attend and participate in meetings that are held approximately in 6 to 8 weeks.
4) Only those who attend meetings regularly will be given a preference to volunteer in IA events and/or events that IA participates in, representing IAYC.
5) All meetings are to be held only at any current member's residence or in a public place like a Library. Liability Insurance covers only our Board members.    It can never be held at any youth member's residence because of liability issues.
6) The meetings have to be proposed and called by the YC President and the Youth Director collectively. YC officers cannot decide on the logistics of the meetings without consulting with the Youth Director.
7)  The officers will work together collectively and all decisions made independently by the YC President/officer have to be acceptable to the Youth Director. The Youth Director has a right to veto that decision if he/she does not agree with the decision.
8) The Youth Director will oversee all meetings and has the last say.
     If he/she finds that any YC member/officer is not conducting appropriately or is in any way disrespectful to the Director or to any of his team members, he/she can even ask him to leave the meeting.
9)  No public postings by the YC will be allowed that affect the reputation of the YC or the Board or the Association. All social networking site like Facebook, has to be administered by YC director or a Board member and has the right to remove inappropriate postings.
10)  If too many complaints are raised by other team members about any member/officer, and if after repeated requests, the officer disobeys the Director and is not willing to change, then the Board has the power to ask him/her to step down, under which circumstances a new election will have to take place.
11) No officer of YC has any special powers to decide about the committee and/or to kick out any of the youth committee members. Any disruptive behavior of the officers/members will be discussed by board and appropriate action will be taken.
12) All the Board members including the parents of the youth members have a right to attend any or all of the meetings because this is not a closed meeting.
13) YC has an officer’s panel that is chosen by secret ballot. The term of the officers run from 1st of June to 31st of May of following year.

Parents of the child and child signing up for YC will have to read and accept the rules of YC before joining IAYC. For clarifications, please email