India Association of Phoenix



To Become A Member


To become a member of India Association of Phoenix, register on this website and make a payment via paypal link provided.

 Annual Membership and Student membership is for one year and ends on December 31st. Even if you pay your membership on August, still the membership will expire on December 31st of the same year.


 * Members should be at least 18 years or older.



Membership  Dues

Event Tickets (Members)*

Event Tickets (Non-members)*


$500 one time

4 free tickets



Life Member

$200 one time

2 free tickets







Annual Member 
(Family of 4)


$25 each year

Check Event Flyer

Check Event Flyer

Student Member 
(Valid College Id Required.

Must be 18 or older full time student)

$5 each year

Check Event Flyer


* Standard rates. Some events may be free or priced differently. No charge for kids below 5.


If you are already a registered user, pls login to the website with your userid and go to your profile - > Edit Profile -> Manage Services to add membership subscriptions. This will take you to paypal website. Once payment is made, your subscription will be added to your userid within minutes . You should see additional access like event entry forms on your menu when you relogin after few minutes. 


NOTE: If you use electronic check, it will take few days for your membership to get active. Paypal does not activate your membership until the echeck clears. 


If you are not a registered user, click on Register under the menu and it will guide you thru the process.


Student membership is not valid for participation or event registration. It is only valid to be an audience of India Association Events.


Starting 2013, all even registrations are automated on the website. Please update your family members name if they are planning to participate in India Association Events. Registration forms automatically fetch the names from your profile.


Pay your membership online  Online Membership



Please note that having a userid / password for the website does not confirm membership to the organization. Subscriptions are due for memberships.


Liability Insurance

Due to recent changes in our policy by our insurance agency, India Association of Phoenix is no longer able to provide insurance coverage for events organized by our members or sister organizations. Also, IA will no longer offer its services as a fiscal agent.


We deeply regret this action and apologize for any inconvenience this would cause you.
 If you have any further questions on this or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact one of the board members.

Thank you for your understanding.