India Association of Phoenix

India Association of Phoenix History

The India Association of Phoenix was formed in 1974 by a group of about twenty-five families.  Almost all the families that lived in the Valley area at that time were present for the celebration.  Dr. Janardhan Mangalat, the first President of the association, and the committee nurtured the association in its infancy.


We have come a long way in these 33 years.  We have seen 20 committees, 14 presidents, hundreds of volunteers, working as a team to promote our cultural values and the rich, heritage and traditions of India in the community.


India Association became a Non-Profit Organization in 1981 and has participated, on a regular basis, in many cultural events, arranged by various cities in the valley.


The Constitution of India Association was rewritten in 1987 to correct some of the loopholes, and we are guaranteed of a democratic procedure for the future committees to follow.  India Association has also established liaison with the governor’s office, City of Phoenix, and the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.