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August India Nite - 

Date : 'August 23rd, 2014'

Venue : Shadow Mountain High School

2902 EShea Blvd, Phoenix AZ

Time :  4:00 PM thru 8:00 PM





Youth Committee Board 2014-15

President  :                   Ankur Garg
Vice President :             Gayatri Sadachar
Secretary  :                  Rohini Nott
Co-Secretary  :             Pratyush Ambadi
Treasurer :                   Anivarya Kumar
Co-Treasurer  :             HariKrishna Kommineni
Membership Director:     Ishon Sivansh
Event Coordinator  :      Somil Jain
Co Event Coordinator :  Tanmyaa Gupta
Publicity/Creative Director :       Sashin Beharie
Co-Memberhsip Director :         Kripa Agarwal
Co-Publicity/Creative director :  Karthik Rajkumar

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Discover India - 'December 13th, 2014'

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For the first time India Association in collaboration with IACRF and other sister organizations, presented a community forum. Panelists included Dr Kishore Dash, Dr Jaswant Sachdev and Dr Jon Dorschner. What an interesting event it was. Once again we proved that we are a unique and special community. The panelists were so good in explaining the economic, political and social conditions of post election scenario. While they were very upbeat and optimistic of peoples expectations and the opportunities that the new regime has, they politely pointed out the limitations and challenges that the new government might face.Overall it was a wonderful sight to see our community participate in the discussion, their indepth understanding and above all the optimism that everybody has. India Association expresses deep appreciation to our community, the panelists, the volunteers, IACRF, sister organizations and the sponsors. We hope to see more of such informative discussions in the near future.














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